Danilo Vaona

Music Composer Producer Conductor
Danilo Vaona is recognized as one of the most important composers, arrangers conductors and music producers.
This reputation has led him to work with many famous artists like Liza Minelli, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitgerald, Dizzi Gillespy, Carlos Jobim, Wilson Pickett, Sammy David Jr., Paul Anka, Tom Jones, Joe Cocker, Carlos Antonio Jobim, Raffaella Carra, Mina, Renato Carosone, Miguel Bosé, Daniela Romo, Jose Luis Perales, Victor Manuel, Ana Belen, Raphael, Bertin Osborne, Mari Trini, and many others.

He worked on most popular TV network channels like Mediaset Group and RAI in Italy and Antena 3, Telecinco, and TVE, in Spain.

Recent work includes him as music composer and producer of Guinness World Records in Italy and Spain.
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